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Intensif Glauscine concentrated draining serum

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Category: Body, Body Care, Cellulite & Slimming, Skin Care, Spa Lifestyle
Tags: cellulite, concentrated draining serum for the body, frenchcosmetics, institut esthederm, intensif glauscine, lagunabeachbeauty., lymphaticdrainage
A highly concentrated draining serum specifically for skin with stage 3 cellulite: dimples visible to the naked eye and engorged tissue. Should be used with the cream for improved results. Smoother skin, less engorged tissue and a slimmer silhouette Draining, slimming properties for skin with stage 3 cellulite. Apply to the targeted areas of your body morning and evening before Lipolytic Cream and massage in with upwards motions. A one month repeatable intensive treatment.
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