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Esthe-White Brightening Youth Day Cream

Category: Facial Care, Facial Moisturizers
Tags: brightening youth, dark spots, esthe-white, esthederm whitening, lagunabeachbeauty., moisturizer that lightens, paris france cream
ESTHE-WHITE, the ultimate combination against dark spots and sensoraction to restore the original transparency of visibly younger skin. Intensely moisturizes, protects against environmental aggressive factors and reduces dark spots. Fresh and melting, velvet-finish texture. Brighter, evened out, ideally moisturized and protected, the skin looks visibly younger. Use over the esthe white system serums for best results.
Hypopigmentaline, New Licorice Extract, Black Mulberry Prenyflavonoids, D Glucosamine, Stabilized Vitamin C, Pentapeptide: Titred triterpenes from Centella asiatica, Creatine, Bioflavonoids, Soluble Vitamin C, Cellular Water, ATP, Carnosine, Minerals, Cabreuva Extract. New Generation Hypopigmentaline, Repair, TCS Time Control System, Cellular Water, Actizen, Mineral Screens (Titanium) and Micro Encapsulated Filters.
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