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Calming Biomimetic Cream 5 ounces

Category: Face, Facial Care, Facial Moisturizers, Skin Care
Tags: antiredness, calming, calming biomimetic cream, esthederm, institut esthederm, lagunabeachbeauty., sensi system, soothing
One of our Favorites.  We are selling the very large size at a GREAT price~ A creamy, velvety cream with a lightweight texture which offers comfort and relief to delicate and sensitive skin. Also recommended for skin that has become irritable after a change of season, cold weather, pollution or too much sun exposure and skin that has localized redness, stinging and flushing. The calming patent works on strengthening the skin’s defenses, gradually decreasing the skin’s sensitivity and increasing the skin’s tolerance threshold. Fragrance free. Skin is soothed with an immediate and lasting effect Skin is less irritable, with a smooth and velvety feel. Neutralizes skin reactions and gradually desensitized, tolerance to irritants increases. Slows the factors that cause skin to age. Energizes skin to function at top capacity. Very large size 5 ounces!
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