Functional Advanced Esthetics - Non Surgical Treatments

Minimally invasive, Non-Surgical Wellness, Functional Advanced Esthetics & Regenerative Therapies have recently grown in popularity! We have moved in the direction of functional medicine to give you honest and powerful healing & youth enhancing education with the latest in services that work! Special beauty treatments such as Collagen Stimulators, Thread Lifts, Live Stem Cell Therapies, IV Therapy, Neuromodulators and Filler Injectables, IPL’s, RF Treatments, Hair Growth Stimulators, Fat Burn, Skin Tightening for the Face & Body, Telangitron for small capillaries and skin tags and more to come! This is some of the services we offer.  We also offer laser work for skin and hair removal which have been developed to treat wrinkles, acne and sun damaged skin and removing unwanted hair.
Our doctor and entire team strive to make your spa day comfortable, and safety is our main priority. When a patient decides to have a med-spa treatment we make sure what sells them isn’t the treatment itself, but rather the genuine care (and astute level of experience) that our team has for our patients. We also encourage all of our patients to have multiple treatments to see what each treatment can do.  We will guide you and give you expert education and products for you to continue using at home for acquiring the most effective results!
Your first consultation will be your first meeting with us. This is when we discuss your medical history and physical records to rule out any medical risks.  And we’re certainly more than happy to answer your questions to take all the guesswork out and ultimately better educate our patients.

     PRP & Live Stem Cells with Microneedling
Autologous rejuvenation therapy, live stem cells.

Body Fat Burn & Tightening

Tightening and breaking down fat cells in the face or body areas.

Female Vaginal – coming soon!

Enjoy a better intimate life again.

Carboxy- coming soon!
Treats cellulite, dark circles under the eyes, stretch & acne scars.

 Venus Versa Treatments
A combo for building, tightening and repairing. IPL and hair removal.

PDO Thread Lifting & Ligament

Unique collagen building procedures to lift & tighten.

Skinterest wellness is X wake up beautiful Laguna Beach are committed to providing a perfect balance of wellness and beauty.  We offer Advanced Regenerative and Functional Esthetics & Therapies. We offer very customized services with excellence, relaxation, and revitalization.  We put our client first, offering a warm, quiet and loving environment offering gracious services.  Our commitment to our promise affords each client the discreet, personal attention that is part of the distinctive Skinterest culture in Laguna Beach for over 23 years.
The great thing about Skinterest is the variety of choices you have to choose from. Ranging from Clinical esthetic & skin care, and clinical body treatments including Non Surgical functional treatments that give longer lasting results.  Almost every wellness, beauty or regenerative need can be met here at Skinterest wellness X wake up beautiful Laguna Beach. Please call for your consultation at 949.497.54.14 for all these services.