Microcurrent combined with cupping with Vacuodermie for pre and post op care.

Give your skin a workout with a Microcurrent facial & Vacuodermie.

Want your neck, jaw area and eyes looking firmer without the plastic surgery?

Your body isn’t the only thing that needs a workout.

Microcurrent technology, which is touted as the ultimate non-invasive facelift, can be used to tighten, nourish and give you the face you’ll be happier with! We also have lymphatic drainage equipment to work on draining and detoxifying the skin and will work the lymphatic system.
Using low-voltage current, microcurrent sends frequency deep to stimulate the muscle as well as promote cell growth in skin. Similar to physical exercise, this facial / body workout activates the lymphatic system, encouraging proper drainage aka no facial puffiness or water retention. Microcurrent, which is virtually painless, also oxygenates the skin, invigorating the proteins that signal repair and ease inflammation.

Not only are the results immediate, but long-term treatment can undo fine lines and wrinkles and keep the skin smooth without paralyzing the muscle (like Botox // other injectables).